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Faces of Our Veterans Exhibit opens in City Hall in Jackson

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - As we get closer to Veterans Day the city of Jackson continues to host events honoring those who have served our country.

In Jackson, the Faces of Our Veterans photo exhibit opened today to honor our veterans for their service.

The photographer of the exhibit explains why this project means so much to him.

“This is our way of honoring them and telling them how much we appreciate their sacrifice and their service to us. Our freedoms are not free. They have never been free; they never will be free, and somebody has to pay the price. The price is paid in blood, tears, arms, legs, you name it. We just want to appreciate and show our appreciation to these people,” said Tommy Azbill, the photographer of Faces of Our Veterans.

Over the past two years, he took over 400 veterans’ photos and is now displaying the pictures in city hall.

One Marine veteran whose photo is displayed in the exhibit says it’s a great way to be recognized.

“It’s a real honor. It’s an honor and a pleasure. It brings back a lot of memories,” said Hugh Culver, a Marine veteran and has a photo in the exhibit.

During the opening ceremony of the exhibit, Mayor Scott Conger proclaimed today Faces of Our Veterans Day.

“It’s important to honor our veterans throughout the year especially in November and so I am proud to have this display up again in city hall this year with new faces of veterans in west Tennessee," said Mayor Scott Conger, Jackson.

The Faces of Our Veterans photo exhibit will be open here at the city hall until November 19th.

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