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Faces of Our Veterans Exhibit at the Jackson City Hall

The faces of our veterans is a project the West Tennessee Veterans Coalition worked on for quite some time. Now those photos are available to see in the city hall.”

“I am so pleased with the results of this project, it is a two-year project,’’ said Jackie Utley.

Photographer Tommy Azbill and his assistant Larry Newsome saw similar work done at a photo convention and wanted to pull off the same thing in Jackson.

“Tommy and I were at a photo convention in Nashville and saw similar work and Tommy said, you know I think we can do this. This meant that we had to find people who cared as much as we did,” said Newsome.

Tommy and Larry presented the idea to the west Tennessee veterans committee and the photo sessions began in August.

“We had about 14 or 15 shoots in about 8 different locations,” said Azbill.

Earlier Today, a Veteran who spent time away from his family to serve our country stopped by to view his photograph. he was accompanied by family members.

“About a year. Maybe a little over a year. I went in August and got out in December,” said John Hillhouse, a United States Veteran.

“This exhibit is amazing. The ‘The Faces of the Veterans’, we have young veterans we have older veterans, men, and women, and it’s just a wonderful display of all the patriotism and all the service and sacrifice for our country”, said Utley.

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