Excitement builds as food trucks line the streets at the West Tennessee Strawberry Festival

HUMBOLDT, TN (WNBJ) - The 83rd West Tennessee Strawberry Festival continues tonight as several people prepare to try out the cuisine at the food trucks in Humboldt.

One of the most beloved treats of the West Tennessee Strawberry Festival is the food. The food trucks drawing in huge crowds of people coming to enjoy a bite to eat.

Pope’s Concessions are one of the food truck companies at the strawberry festival this year. The Popes have a long-standing history at the festival.

“We have been coming for 82 years, the family has been. They missed the first year, but after that year they have been coming every year after that, so our family has been in business since 1924 so they have been coming for several years," said Petrina Pope, the owner, and manager of Pope’s Concessions.

The food trucks bring about an atmosphere of fellowship and togetherness, which most have not been able to experience due to the pandemic.

“We do come to work, but we enjoy the people. I said after a year like last year, being around people is just our big thing. We love to see the different people and we make friends everywhere we go,” said Pope.

Attendees are eager to enjoy all the different types of food the festival has to offer.

“It’ll be great to come out and see what everybody has to offer and the different types of food. We saw one of the vendors down over there that we are interested in going to see. Maybe some lunch and the kids may come and eat when they come out with us,” said Alice Berry, a Humboldt resident.

The food trucks are open to 10 p.m. in downtown Humboldt so make sure you grab a snack before heading home for the night.

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