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Excessive Storms in West Tennessee Could Be Harming Crops

JACKSON, Tenn. - West Tennessee has seen excessive rainfall in the last few weeks.

This is how it could potentially be affecting your crops.

West Tennessee has been hit with severe storms and excess rainfall in the past few weeks.

While rain is generally good for crops and vegetation, just like everything else, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.

The American Farm Bureau reports farmers rely on good weather to grow our food, but too much rain can lead to rotting plants.

Too much rain can lead to flooding, and this makes it hard for farmers to take care of their crops.

If there is a lot of rain during planting season, farmers may have to delay planting, and this leads to a delay in harvesting.

Excessive rain can damage soil and remove necessary nutrients that help crops grow.

Too much water also leads to fungus and mold in the soil, which can actually kill crops.

Too much rainfall during harvesting season can actually kill crops and ruin the hard work of farmers.

This can ruin the months it took for them to grow their produce.

With the excessive rainfall we’ve experienced, there has also been storm damage, which does not help the already affected crops.

Farmers are hoping for less rain, and working to take care of their crops as harvesting season continues.

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