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Even in the midst of COVID, local non-profits are still feeding the hungry

Thanksgiving is this week, and even in the midst of covid-19, local nonprofits and organizations are still serving their communities.”

For the past several days, RIFA has been serving traditional Thanksgiving meals to those in need.

“These meals include those staples we all love. Ham, turkey, mash potatoes, cranberry sauce, things like that. So we are just grateful to be able to pass out meals to families who are in need,” said Gracie Sloan, their Marketing and Events Coordinator.

RIFA in madison county is open 365 days a year fighting hunger. Every year on thanksgiving day, the organization has a meal for families. Because of the national health pandemic, patrons will take those meals to go.

“There’s no limit to the patron we’ll be serving, but sadly they’re not able to sit down and have that typical meal,” said Sloan.

So far, RIFA has served over 200 thanksgiving meals and will continue to do so into the Christmas holiday. In partnership with United Way and the salvation army, their Hunger-free Holiday event is expected to feed over 1000 patrons.

“Last year, we distributed over 800, but obviously, there has been an increasing need this year.”

Also, on Thanksgiving day, Gold’s Gym and fleet feet will host a 5k run, and all proceeds will go to RIFA as they continue to fight hunger.

“By coming out, ask your family to run, walk, cheer whatever it is, you are helping feed some of the hungriest families here in Jackson,” she said.

It is reported that many other organizations are still feeding those in need during the pandemic across the nation.

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