Emergency management surveying tornado damage

KENTON, TN (WNBJ) - Many in Gibson and Obion county are picking up the pieces after Friday night’s tornado devastated the area. Many are accessing the damage and in the process of cleaning up debris.

The Emergency Management in Obion County says at least 40 homes were damaged in the storm. 25 to 30 of those will need to be demolished and rebuilt.

The Red Cross is always ready to deploy to disaster areas when needed.

“With the storm right now, we got boots on the ground doing damage assessment and what we are trying to gather up some stuff like water and food,” said Loran Newton, Mid-West Tennessee Chapter of the Red Cross.

They now have a shelter set up in Obion county at Reelfoot Youth Camp, which is located at 4304 Kendall Road in Hornbeak, TN.

Another shelter is also in Gibson county at the First Baptist Church on 204 Poplar Street in Kenton.

“We get to see a lot of people because the church here is giving out clothes, water, and stuff too,” said Newton.

The Red Cross is always looking for new volunteers.

“Volunteers are the lifeblood of what we do. 90 percent of the work that we do throughout the American Red Cross is done by volunteer workers. So, what they can do is call 1-800- red-cross or visit redcross.org and find out how they can volunteer through links on that website,” said Sherri McKinney, the Regional Director of Communications with the American Red Cross - Tennessee region.

For information on the Red Cross shelters, go to redcross.org/tennessee.

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