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Electric Vehicle Sales up %65 in 2022


“I think it's actually almost impossible to keep one on the ground at this point,” Bruce Gentry the Sales Floor Manager of Golden Circle Ford said.

With record high gas prices, AAA reports more than 760,000 drivers made the switch to electric vehicles last year,

and sales were up 65 percent.

“When I went on my last road trip and then just a gas burner, I had to budget about $500 for gas. I did the exact same trip I think the very next year in my EV it cost me $75," said Gentry

And Destiny Pierce points out that saving on gas is one of the many benefits of driving an EV, “You're not paying for gas every single day. It's good for the environment. I mean, they're quick they're powerful in this little package.”

Sales Floor Manager Bruce Gentry and Destiny Pierce both drive Electrical Vehicles, "Of course, I was very skeptical. Naturally, going in like most people are, just because there's a variety of things to be concerned about. and I will never go back. I absolutely love it. It is spoiled me beyond belief, and it's pretty nice having your own personal little gas station right there at your house, ready to go," Gentry said.

Pierce added, “I am driving one right now and I have two kids. I'm used to driving an SUV, but I've switched over. I'm driving a Mustang and there's plenty of room in the back for both of my girls.”

But some people aren’t convinced, one concern is the range per charge.

Gentry said, “You can get actually some as at 224 miles all the way up to 320 miles. about the distance is a regular gas burner.”

Another concern is the amount of EV charging stations.

“There are more charging stations than there are McDonald's. there's about 130,000 charging stations," Pierce said.

Ford’s Blue Oval City , that’s on the horizon in West Tennessee, will produce Electric Vehicles, making our state a leader in EV's

“The new truck they'll be making there. they still haven't released it, but they talked about how much better it's going to be, even just compared to what they've put out so far. It's going to be basically a smart truck. it's going to have more power faster. what else did they say? more range capability. so that was all super exciting," Pierce said.

While some drivers may have reservations about going electric, the people at Golden Circle Ford truly believe electric vehicles are definitely the future of personal transportation.

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