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Election Results cause for a runoff for Mayor of Jackson

JACKSON, Tn.-The highly anticipated city election results were finalized last night. Resulting in an official mayoral run-off between mayor Scott Conger and challenger Ray Condray. in order to win this election a candidate must have a total of 50% plus one. Neither candidate got that many votes in yesterday's election.

“I know the race isn't about the individuals running the race is about the 68,025 people that live there and how we're going to make their lives better. and that's that's the job of the mayor,” said mayor Scott Conger.

“You know, words are almost hard to find right now. we feel just incredibly overwhelmed or humbled that this many people have come out to support us during the whole race,” said Ray Condray.

Now both candidates are looking forward to the special runoff election next month.

“Six more weeks. it gives us a chance to talk about our accomplishments and what our plans are going forward and the great things going on in Jackson,” said mayor Scott Conger.

“If you didn't vote, let me encourage. We have six weeks. You know, the candidates know who's there now. and look at the alternative. and six weeks from now, make your choice,” said

Ray Condray.

The special runoff election for the mayor of Jackson will be held on Tuesday June 13th.

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