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Election Day in Humboldt, TN

Humboldt, TN. (WNBJ)-

It’s election day and as you can see behind me, the city of Humboldt is coming out to perform their civic duty.

Many people choose to skip voting on off years because some believe these elections do not matter. Humboldt residents spoke on why they feel people should come out to vote. Joyce Wardlow (Humboldt Resident) stated, “Number one they have a voice and their voice counts.” Leon McNeal (Humboldt Alderman Candidate) believes, “Local elections change the dynamic of what we do on a local level.” Trey Lynch (Humboldt Resident) informed us, “Local elections are where your actual decisions are made that effect your daily life.”

With 5 candidates running off for the Mayoral seat things were intense this afternoon. Christine Warrington (Mayor Candidate) stated, “When I started looking at moving back home in 2012, I was watching what was happening in the city and I just felt like we needed to get some strong leadership in here.” David Sikes (Brother of Mayor Marvin Sikes) informed us, “it’s been so many good things that have happened in city of Humboldt especially with this mayor that we need to get out and support him and say hey mayor we’d like to have you again.”

Residents showed up to the polls today to show their support for candidates and what they hope will be brought to the table. Welton Johnson (Humboldt Resident) told 39 News, “We want to change stuff around here. It’s the same stuff and nothing has been changed.” Linda Elmore (Humboldt Resident) stated, “I feel like it’s my duty and everybody’s duty to vote.” Carol Sikes (Mayor Marvin Sikes Wife) explained, “People need representation. They need to vote their choice, and we need to get the right person in their for the job.”

Humboldt mayoral candidates running off today want residents to know if they are elected, their term will bring…. Thomas D. Emery (Mayor Candidate) believes his term will bring, “Fairness, and I have hope to believe that I am the leader that the city needs.” While Christine Warrington (Mayor Candidate) says, “To really catch Humboldt up to the 21st century.” Yahweh Yahweh (Mayor Candidate) says he will bring, “Business of course. I appreciate everything that’s going on, I’d just like to enhance it.” Terry Johnson (Mayor Candidate) told 39 News, “Humboldt has a lot of issues that have not been addressed.”

No matter which candidate wins residents are hoping to see the city continue to expand. Larry Sikes (Humboldt Resident) says, “If the other candidates win I’ll stand behind them. That’s what Humboldt needs. A good mayor.” Leon McNeal (Humboldt Alderman Candidate) explains, “Winners and losers I hope we can all sit at the table together and express our feelings and what we can do to work together.”

Polls closed at 7pm tonight and the next city officials should be announced shortly after.

Makayla Davis

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