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Eating Healthier to lose weight is a popular New Year's resolution


The most popular new years resolution is to lose weight, one way to do that is to eat healthier.

Amanda johnson, a public health educator at the Jackson-Madison county regional health department, said,“Doing those small things, starting to walk more, move more, drink more, and then you know the fine-tuning making sure you’re eating from all five food groups.”

Johnson said drinking water is key to healthy eating. She says weight loss has to start with a plan.

One step she suggests is to avoid fast or processed foods whenever possible,“I know those are a staple in a lot of our lives, but limiting them, not every day eating that way but you know maybe once or twice a week.”

Even when you have to eat fast food Johnson says you can still make a healthy choice,“Instead of getting that fried chicken sandwich get a grilled chicken sandwich, maybe eating one piece of bread instead of both of the pieces of bread.”

Johnson also recommends getting healthier ingredients and foods.

Chris Felder owns Grubs Grocery in Jackson and is passionate about providing healthy options for customers, “The store is full of items that don’t have any artificial ingredients like no artificial flavors, sweeteners, thickeners,” he said.

Chris said people are often overwhelmed by the store, “People do come in and they’re a little bit intimidated maybe because they aren’t familiar with the brands here… the only difference is everything is natural and organic, so people don’t have to read the ingredients list.”

As people try and eat healthier it takes time to form a habit said Johnson, “It takes a good 14 days to make a change, so those 14 days are key, consistency is key.”

A lot of people give up on their resolutions but Johnson offers some advice to stay on track

“Okay if you fall off of the horse, get back on it the next day, don’t give up.”

Johnson says don’t beat yourself up when you break your plan, just try again the next day.

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