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Early voting continues with ballot numbers surpassing 2016 records

Early voting in Tennessee continues into the second week, and records show that the number of ballots is already higher than in 2016.

Early voting lines are long, with an estimated wait time of 20 minutes at the Madison county agricultural complex. Kim Buckley, the administrator of elections, says there is always a high turnout for the presidential election.

“I think there’s a lot of interest in this particular election, and there is always more interest in a presidential election,” said Buckley.

And that interest shows across the state and in Madison county. In the first five days of voting, the number of local voters increased by 13 percent compared to the number of ballots in 2016. This includes in-person and absentee.

“I hate it that our voters have to wait a while in line, but we’re moving it pretty efficiently and just very pleased to be doing the numbers that we’re doing each day,” said Buckley.

One early voter showed up today to avoid longer lines she anticipates for the future.

“I just figured there would be more lines if I waited until the actual voting day, so that’s why I decided to come early hopefully,” said Hayley Gabert, a resident of Jackson.

There are over 63,000 registered voters in Madison county, and nearly 11,000 people have voted so far in this election.

“I think it’s great that people are starting to wake up and get a little bit more involved. It’s encouraging, no matter what side you’re on,” said Gabert.

In Tennessee, over 450,000 voters have cast a ballot.

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