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Eagle Scout dedicates picnic table to fallen TBI Special Agent

Jackson, TN.

Today a young Life Scout dedicated a table in honor of Tennessee Bureaus of Investigation Agent Frasier who was killed in the line of duty.

Special Agent De’Greaun Frasier was killed in the line of duty during an undercover drug investigation in Jackson on August 9, 2016. Colin Jones presented his Eagle Scout project to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation today as tribute to the life and legacy of Special Agent Frasier. Colin Jones (Life Scout Troop 7) told 39 News, “My Aunt Kathy Ferguson has told me a lot about TBI and I was very interested. So, I asked her was there any time that she got upset with the job and she told me specifically about Agent Frasier.”

After hearing his story Colin knew he wanted to dedicate something in the memory of the fallen hero.

Colin Jones (Life Scout Troop 7) stated, “People in the line of service never get enough recognin when they die in the line of service. They give their life to the community with helping to make sure people are safe. So, I just want to make sure people understand that we care about them.”

The Troop leader of Troop 7 wanted Colin to know how proud he is of the hard work he put into his Eagle Scout project.

Tom Carson-Jones (Troop 7 Leader) stated, “I’m very proud of Colin for this project he’s done today. This is something that he wanted to do, with all our eagle scout projects the scouts choose something that means something to them.”

TBI Public Information Officer recalls the energy Agent Frasier brought to the office. Keli McAlister (TBI Public Information Officer) “I didn’t have the privilege of working with Dee. Everyone who did talked about his smile, his kindness, and how everyone just loved being around him. So, it seems so fitting that a picnic table was built in his honor which will bring so many people together.

Colin wanted to leave one last message for the loved ones of Special Agent Frasier. Colin Jones (Life Scout Troop 7) stated, “I just want to say to Agent Frasier’s family, people care, and people are always going to care.”

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