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During National Farmers Market week Humboldt Farmers Market sellers bring fresh food to market



It’s National Farmers Market week!

From the field to the table, that's what local farmers' markets are all about!

Meet Fabilla Sayer she moved to west Tennessee from Canada this year and decided to take the extra vegetables from her garden to sell at the market at Bailey Park.

“I just started here on Saturdays and then Tuesdays at a Thursday depending on the weather and what I have,” Sayer said.

Sayer now makes relish and Chow Chow to bring to the market.

“It's been nice talking to all the different people and getting to know different farmers and see what they do and how they do. And the best is getting tips for how I can change my gardening and what to do or not to do," said Sayer.

Alvin Escue started selling several years ago because he was looking for a way to spend his time.

“I retired and I to do something to keep me busy. So I wouldn't get where I couldn't get up and down anymore so I started doing farmers market," Escue said.

Randy Long was looking for a new hobby when he began selling three years ago, “I farm out in Atwood I have a regular farm Cotton, Corn, Wheat and everything, Row crop but got in the hobby of growing a lot of vegetables and stuff and coming out to farmers market selling and we sell from home and at the Milan farmers market,” Long said.

No matter their background or crop, all of the sellers believe buying local beats buying from the store,

Sayer said, "Pretty much everything is organic, even though it's not labeled organic or certified. But things are natural. They are….it's important that we have a farm as a market where people can buy the local stuff. It's not being carted down 4000 miles to get here."

Escue added, "If you get anything for the table cucumbers, tomatoes and all from Walmart one of the box stores they probably shipped in from Mexico or California and they got wax on them, and they're not near as good as the homegrown stuff. You can tell the difference when you bite into them."

Cutting out the middleman and buying fresh from the farm builds a relationship between the grower and the consumer

“It's sort of starting to be a community of where people come get to know each other. And it's just a whole network," Sayer said.

“Well, I meet a lot of folks and talking in and selling doing this instead of sitting home watching TV,” Said Escue.

Long said, “I just enjoyed helping people get some quality produce.”

The Humboldt farmers market meets at Bailey Park on Tuesday's, Thursday's, and Saturday's from 8-12.

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