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Drug Poisoning Impacting Madison County and Surrounding Areas

Jackson, TN. (WNBJ)-

Since Covid began upending day-to-day activities for American citizens, public officials have been sounding the alarm for drug overdoses. The Dyer County Police Department reported just last week a record high in these cases.

The Dyer County Sheriffs’ Office released a statement informing the community they responded to three separate overdoses in 24 hours. West Tennessee Drug Task Force Director Johnie Carter stated, “theses calls began at 3 a.m. last Tuesday.” Fake 30 mg oxycodone pills left one victim in critical conditions and two deceased. Tanja Jacobs (FOUNDER OF ROMELLO A. MARCHMAN FOUNDATION) informed us, “media, government, law enforcement, needs to stop calling this overdoses. It’s not an overdose it’s a poisoning.”

Tanja Jacobs lost her son in May of 2020 to drug poisoning. After losing her son she started the Romello Marchman Foundation to spread awareness about fentanyl poising and help other grieving families. Tanja Jacobs (FOUNDER OF ROMELLO A. MARCHMAN FOUNDATION) stated, “this can happen to anybody, and it happens to everybody. It does not matter what the color of your skin is, if you’re rich, if your poor. The dealer doesn’t discriminate the drug surely doesn’t discriminate.”

The Romello Marchman Foundation has touched several families in West Tennessee paying for the funerals arrangement of people who have lost their lives to drug poising, and hosting events to spread awareness on the harms of fentanyl. Tanja Jacobs (FOUNDER OF ROMELLO A. MARCHMAN FOUNDATION) told 39 news, “we gave out flyers that showed the dangers, showed the different pills. That they look the same as the prescription pills. We partnered up with the stars program with their ropes program. They came out and gave out free Narcan kits.”

Anyone in need of assistance with funeral arrangements for a loved one who has lost their lives due to fentanyl poising or interested in donating to help the Romello Marchman Foundation can contact Tanja at the email or number listed on the screen.

(email: cell: 615-482-1023)

Makayla Davis

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