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Drivers are seeing a little bit of relief at the pump


On March 11th Tennesseans saw the highest recorded average price for gas, since then the price has slowly dropped.”

We saw a nearly eight cent decrease over the course of last week. What's happened over the last really week and a half is we have seen a drop in our crude oil pricing,” said Megan Cooper of AAA.

Megan cooper of AAA says that those lower crude oil prices could mean even cheaper gas at the pump,

“Unfortunately, gas prices don't drop as quickly as they rise. So, it's likely that if crude oil prices remain somewhat stable, we should see additional decreases in gas prices over the course of this week.”

Megan says another reason prices have lowered because there is less demand for gas- because prices are so high drivers are cutting back on how much they drive.

The state average today for a gallon of regular gas is $4.04.

In Jackson the average is just about $4.

Cooper says that the price of crude oil is very fluid and could increase or decrease significantly on a daily basis, “As we move into the next week, any big swing in either direction will continue to affect our gas prices here locally.”

Many have called on President Biden to use the federal oil reserves to help ease the prices at the pump. So far, his administration has not made that decision.

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