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Drivers are encouraged to keep safety a top priority this holiday season

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - Millions of people are expected to hit the roadways for the holidays and some transportation experts want to remind drivers to keep their safety a top priority.

“According to AAA, we are going to have roughly two and a half million traveling through Tennessee during these holiday weeks,” said Nichole Lawrence, the Community Relations Officer at the Tennessee Department of Transportation.

Nichole Lawrence with the Tennessee Department of Transportation wants to ensure that drivers make it to their destinations safely.

“During those times, we halt those temporary lane closures so can give motorists that maximum lane capacity to go to their families and have their holidays,” said Lawrence.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation wants to remind drivers of a few key tips while traveling.

“You know, it’s another good time to remind folks to buckle up, drive the speed limit, don’t drive distracted, and just really pay attention while you’re driving down our highways this holiday season,” said Lawrence.

AAA wants to remind everyone to make sure your winter weather vehicle kit is updated and has all the necessary tools in it in case of a breakdown.

“So, the things you’ll need, make sure you have a cell phone charger, some water, blankets, you want to make sure you have some jumper cables in case you do break down. Make sure you have some games and snacks for the people who are traveling with you,” said Stephanie Milani, the TN Public Affairs Director with AAA - The Auto Club Group.

AAA also suggests you bring any needed medications if you are stuck in traffic for an extended time.

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