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Dresden Residents Recount Friday's Tornado

Dresden, TN. (WNBJ)-

The city of Dresden is still recovering from Friday night’s tornado. As I walk down the street, I see businesses destroyed, homes broken, and cars totaled. Though the damage is devastating this small town is still working to replace what was lost.

One home broken due to the natural disaster is the Morefield family’s home. Lee Catherine Morefield recounts the life altering moments. Lee Catherine Morefield (Dresden tornado survivor) stated, “we got in the hallway, and within about 5 minutes you could just hear… you know and uproar. It does sound like a train coming through.”

Seconds after hearing the strong winds, Catherine say’s her family did whatever they could dim the noise. Lee Catherine Morefield (Dresden tornado survivor) told 39 News, “I layed on top of my three children, and my husband layed on top of me. We just prayed and we actually sang jingle bells to kinda not hear all the noise. Cause you could here just glass shattering and… you know just big loud bangs. It was just horrifying.”

The Morefield family told me their home is now unlivable, but they are so grateful for their community and people like Frankie Turner who have been very helpful in the cleanup process. Frankie Turner (First Assembly Church of God disaster relief team) stated, “I was talking to a gentleman a while ago about how bad this is, but you see people come together, laying down all other things that may be going on in our world today and just pitch in to try to help each other. I think that’s really good.”

City leaders say they will be out every day trying to repair what was lost.

Makayla Davis

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