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Drama and Accusations define the first meeting with new Madison County Commissioner's


Today was the premier of a brand new Madison County Commission… 10 new Commissioners… a new Mayor… a new Trustee, and a new Sheriff were getting their bearings at their first meeting.

But some things never change; near the end of the meeting, commissioner Luther mercer accused the Republican Caucus of violating the Sunshine Law.

Mercer showed a video of Republican Caucus members entering a meeting on September 13 at Town and Country Realty that he claimed was held in secret.

In fact, mercer was wrong. The Caucus alerted the media.

Commissioner Joey Hale---who chairs the caucus----sent a notice to 39 News and other media outlets. The meeting was open to the public as is the case with all Caucus meetings.

But Mercer didn’t stop there, after the meeting he accused the new County Mayor A. J. Massey of dividing black and white instead of being a mayor for everyone in the county.

Massey chose not to comment on the situation or Mercer’s accusations.

Despite the drama, Massey has high hopes after his first County Commission meeting

"25 men and women come with 25 different packed backgrounds and histories and ideas of what should and shouldn't be done. They sacrifice their time. They run for election. It's a difficult job to obtain, but they got it. And so now we've got to see how we can maximize that. And they can get as much as they want, as long as it's best for all the county," Massey said.

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