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Downtown Jackson Continues to See Mass Growth and Development

JACKSON, Tenn. - The city of Jackson is getting recognition for its growth and development.

Downtown Jackson is at the core of the city’s growth.

“I think we’re in a really exciting time for downtown, there’s a couple of restaurants coming online in the next few months, over this next year we’re going to see more residential properties.”

Director of downtown Jackson development corporation, Beth Ann Simpson, is excited for the new things coming to downtown Jackson.

“Something from JDDC we’ll see in the upcoming months, this upcoming year, we’re going to do a walkability campaign, and we’re going to focus on signage and wayfinding, so people can utilize how walkable our downtown is.”

Simpson reports a new way to access everything in downtown Jackson is underway thanks to campaigning and programming.

The Jackson Downtown Development Corporation wants people to know the walkability downtown has.

Simpson has noticed how much downtown Jackson has grown since she moved here.

“Well, I think I have a unique perspective because I’ve only ever lived in midtown/downtown since I moved here 18 years ago to be a student and I’ve really seen it transform when I was a student, there was really no reason to come downtown really there was very limited options.”

Hub City Connect community leader, Deswick Bonds Jr., moved to Jackson from Nashville last April, but agrees the city has grown and continues to grow.

“But one thing I noticed upon researching is that Jackson is on the horizon, with Blue Oval City coming here and many organizations alike, Jackson will soon be like major cities on either side here.”

Bonds believes Hub City Connect is a great way for local businesses and community members to stay connected as new things are coming to the city.

“And so, with that you can expect us to be promoting more and working with like-minded local businesses within the area to get the word out and to bring the community together, such as putting on our networking event that will happen next month, and then with the launch of Jackson TV that will happen at the end of March as well.”

Bonds believes as the city continues to grow, community collaboration is important.

“We would like to see more partnerships with other organizations, and how we can all work together to make our city better.”

To stay updated on new things the Jackson Downtown Development Corporation and Hub City Connect do for the community, you can visit their websites at and

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