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Downtown Jackson Attorney Brings Nostalgia and Christmas Cheer with Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story

JACKSON, Tenn. - People driving or walking through one part of Jackson may think they've stepped into a holiday movie.

For over a decade Tim Wehner has been putting up the leg lamp from "A Christmas Story" in his office window.

“The reason I like it so much is because it is about a young boy reminiscing about his childhood and this the leg lamp, among other memories, that was part of one of his most memorable Christmases…. it kind of reminds me of here in Jackson what you might experience.”

Wehner got the lamp as a gift from his wife.

“You know, and after many years of seeing me laugh and chuckle and giggle, watching it on television, she had it delivered to me at the office.”

Wahner puts up the lamp every year around Christmas time.

“I put it facing highland because it gets the most traffic…. It’s like pulling out the old ornament that you put on the tree year after year, and it makes you smile and it kind of brings back good memories.”

And people always get a "kick" out of seeing the leg lamp downtown.

“Every year I'll get a phone call, or someone will send me a random text or a picture of a friend of a friend who posted a picture of the leg lamp on social media. And it always makes people smile.”

Wehner loves the tradition of the lamp but says his celebration is much deeper.

“It's simply a silly tradition that I enjoy, but the real reason for the season will always be the birth of Jesus.”

The leg lamp isn't going away anytime soon.

“I have been approached by other attorneys in this office who have said, you know, when you leave and retire, the leg lamp has to stay…. I think it's a fun tradition and it's one that I'll continue for the years to come”

And you can bet people who drive or walk past Wehner's office on North Highland at this time of year are glad to hear that the leg lamp tradition will continue.

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