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Downtown Business Reacts to Newly Enforced Time-Limited Parking

JACKSON, Tenn. - Time limits on parking in downtown Jackson are being enforced, and it’s been that way since the beginning of the month.

The thirty-minute and two-hour parking limit had not been enforced since 2018.

Some downtown businesses are seeing people using their private parking lots to avoid a ticket.

“Sometimes if it’s a car that’s in the parking lot multiple times a week, and we know they’re not an employee, leave a nice little note on their windshield just let them know if we see their car ‘Hey between the business hours of eight and five, this is for Thomas Media employees.'"

Thomas Media operations manager Austin Moylan uses the business’s reserved employee parking but thinks parking on the street should be limited.

“But my personal opinion about the two-hour parking, I think it’s a good idea. With Jackson, especially downtown booming and stuff like that, allowing people to have a parking spot at least gives someone an opportunity to park somewhere instead of someone taking advantage of a parking spot.”

Moylan believes Jackson needs to provide more parking as more businesses and people continue to come downtown.

“I do think it would be great to have a parking garage one day, but ya know, ‘Where would they put it?’ That's the question. I do know years ago I think right behind our building here, next to our building here, there was going to be a parking garage built, that got scrapped. But more public parking would be nice, parking garage would be great too.”

If you live in downtown Jackson, you can apply for permits from the Jackson police department that allows you to park in the street without any time limit.

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