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Don't throw away your party cups this year! The City of Jackson has a way for you to recycle them



During your holiday parties this year, you can recycle with little effort, there's a new program in Jackson that will help you do just that!

Instead of throwing away all these party cups, you could just recycle them. And it's super easy.

“Plastic is one of the hardest recycling materials we have right now. It is all recyclable, but it's hard to find a facility to do that, especially in our area. So that requires us to ship those off," said Jackson's Recycling Coordinator Robin Chance.

Terracycle and the brand Solo are providing a way for you to ship those for free.

To make sure that your cups can be recycled, flip them over and look for the number “6.” It doesn’t matter what brand they are as long as they have the six on the bottom.

Robin Chance says every party or gathering this year can rack up a lot of used cups and if everyone recycled them it could make a huge difference, “You've got, you know, 15, 20 people. You could easily go through several sleeves of these and then save that to ship off.”

The steps are simple, first, you just take the cups, give them a good rinse. Then you dry them out and drove in a bag or a box. Finally, contact health and sanitation. (731.425.8545 or email

They will get you a free shipping label for you to ship your cups or collect the cups and ship them off.

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