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Dogs from All Over Are Coming to Jackson's Paw-some Dog Show

JACKSON, Tenn. - Dog groomers from all over the state, and even all over the country, have come together at the Jackson fairgrounds for the Jackson Tennessee Dog Fanciers Association dog show.

“We went out to Wyoming a few years ago, but mostly try to keep it within a day’s drive.”

Theresa Thomas, from the Chattanooga area, has been competing in dog shows for nearly thirty-five years.

She has traveled to dog shows in different states, such as Wyoming, Minnesota, and Indiana.

She received her first show dog from a close friend when Thomas was in graduate school.

“Ya know, they just get brushed appropriately… ya know collies are supposed to look fluffy so we’ll fluff them up and get their hair, and there’s training involved before the show, so we’ll take them to classes.”

Thomas explains to 39 news how she prepares for all the dog shows she enters.

She makes sure her border collies, Willo and Soula, have the proper care and training before each dog show.

To support Willo and Soula, and other four-legged friends, you can visit the dog show at the Jackson fairgrounds, Friday to Sunday from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

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