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Doctors Report Summer Heat Kills At Least One Person Every Day

JACKSON, Tenn. - As temperatures continue to increase, so do the risks for health hazards due to extreme heat.

West Tennessee experienced storms over the weekend, and the heat is expected to pick back up this week.

With temperatures in the nineties, this can cause potential health hazards, such as heat stroke, and can worsen chronic conditions.

“Every year we have people who are victims of heat illness or heat injury for various reasons especially if temperatures hit above 90 degrees, they just aren’t prepared or acclimated to that kind of weather. But we can have heat illnesses even in 80 degree or 70-degree weather if you’re not careful.”

Dr. Michael Revelle reports the three heat illnesses are heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke.

If you’re starting to feel dehydrated, lightheaded, dizzy, confused, or stop sweating after sweating excessively, these can be symptoms of heat stroke.

Dr. Revelle advises to take rest breaks, stay hydrated, work outside in the morning or evening if you can, and wear loose clothing.

“From this month, the month of July, you know at least one a day. It’s a major illness, fortunately most of those people are just mildly dehydrated… only slightly in the heat exhaustion category. But we do every year unfortunately see deaths from heat exhaustion and heat stroke.”

Dr. Revelle tells us that in his years of practice, there is at least one death every day in the summer due to extreme heat exposure.

Heat exposure can also worsen chronic conditions, such as heart disease.

He advises to watch out for heat symptoms, cramping and dehydration are big indicators.

Balance being outside and taking indoor breaks when you can.

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