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Discovery Park of America hosted Military history and Armed Forces Symposium



An event in union city brought together the past, present and future of the military, the Military History and Armed Forces Symposium.

“This particular event focuses on the past the present and the future of the American military so that's a lot to cover, said Discovery Park of America president and CEO Scott Williams.

Presenters, panel discussions military equipment, musicians and more were all part of the event!

Visitors even heard Bill Allen- one of the last remaining D-day survivors.

Willaims said, "We've got, you know, more than a thousand young people here today from all over West Tennessee. And so, it's amazing for them to get the opportunity to hear from somebody who actually lived a military battle like D-day.”

One of the students in attendance was Kolby Craig, "In history books, you can get an idea and a picture in your head, but here and in like other museums, you can actually see what it was like back then.”

Kolby enjoyed being able to experience history firsthand, “the guns and stuff that they had back in the day. It's pretty cool to see how far technology has changed from then to now!," he said.

Representatives from all six military branches were in attendance for recruiting information, job opportunities and education.

US Marine core veteran Lieutenant John “Glad” Castellaw was one of the speakers at the event.

Castellaw served 36 years as an aviator. He believes that events like this are good for veterans,

“It’s really good. I came in at the end of Vietnam you know things weren’t as good then as they are now. The community support, the national support is unparalleled.”

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