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Denmark Woman Turns 90

Jackson, TN.

The longest living resident of Denmark, Tennessee Mrs. Aurelia Henning-Burks, famously known as ‘Baby Shang’, celebrates her 90th birthday today. Born August 27, 1931. She shared with us how it feels to see 90 years. (Aurelia Henning-Burks) “Baby, it feels good- I’m in my right mind, nobody has to do nothing for me.”

She goes on to explain some differences she has seen in the world during her lifetime. “I remember when gas was 5 cents a gallon. When it went to 10 cents, they said it was high.”

Two years ago, Mrs. Henning-Burks survived a stroke. Daughter Elaine informed us how it impacted her family.

Elaine Verser (daughter) stated, “She suffered a stroke 2 years ago. April 29, it didn’t impair her anyway but her speech. We thank God her mother every day. He left her here to cherish her.”

Miss Henning-Burk’s legacy continues through her ever-growing family. Aurelia Henning-Burks told us, “I have 4 kids, I have 18 grandchildren, I have 36 great-great grandchildren, I have 14 great-great-great grandchildren, I have 2 great-great-great-great grandchildren.”

Cousin of Mrs. Henning-Burks, Pete Johnson, (JMCSS Board Chairman) shared what he admired most about his cousin ‘Baby Shang’. “She’s a community treasure, she’s an inspiration. She does everything for herself, She’s a role model. She still votes, she voted for me. I’m so proud to represent her and the community in District 1 in the School Board.”

She is loved by many, but her sister Dotty made sure to inform us how much she means to her. “My sister Pearlie and I she has always been our role model. And we love her to the bone.”

When asked how she manages to age so gracefully she stated, (Aurelia Henning-Burks) “You put the lord in front, and you get behind him. Aretha franklin said, he’ll take you there.”

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