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Denmark Elementary School Students Nurture Learning through Summer Learning Camp

JACKSON, Tenn. - Summer is here and Denmark Elementary School students are engaging in learning, in a fun way.

Denmark Elementary School believes its summer learning camp is a great way to keep students engaged in learning during the summer.

The school knows summer break is a time for recreation and relaxation, that’s why it aims to make learning fun for its 86 summer students.

First grade students are learning today about primary and secondary colors, by getting to experiment hands-on with their favorite colors.

Fourth and fifth grade students are getting creative and coding with things that interest them.

“We know when kids aren’t in school, they lose ground… so during those two months out of school they’re going to lose significant ground, and that’s why, you know, when you were in elementary school… they would review when you would first come back, well first of all, we don’t lose as much so we won’t have to spend as much time with the review.”

Summer learning camp co-site administrator Elizabeth Pickens is a fourth-grade science and social studies teacher during the school year.

She welcomes her students back from summer break with a review from last school year’s standards, before introducing the new school year’s standards.

“When you were in that first-grade classroom, you saw they were interested, they were engaged… and when you saw the fifth graders coding, they were into it… they weren’t playing, they weren’t messing with each other, they were just working.”

Denmark Elementary concludes its summer learning camp this week, and Pickens is excited to reward the students with a fun send off at the end of the week.

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