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Denmark Elementary dedicates walking trail to deserving students

Two former students at Denmark Elementary received a big surprise recently. The school dedicating a walking trail to Dallas Weddle and Serenity Wilkes for their perseverance and courage while battling their own personal health challenges.

The students were so shocked when they saw the sign with their names on it.

“I’m really excited about this, I’m overjoyed about this and it makes me feel honored,” said Dallas Weddle.

“I’m really overwhelmed, really excited, shocked and everything. I appreciate everything, I just don’t know how to feel about this," Serenity Wilkes.

The trail dedication all a part of TSU Cooperative Extension’s 'Well-Connected Communities Project', which focuses on chronic health conditions and increasing physical activities in Denmark and East Jackson.

While students at Denmark Dallas battled cancer and Serenity battled Blounts disease. Dr. Reeves from the Cooperative expressing why these two students are so deserving.

“They had some adversities growing up, some health concerns and they really overcame those, and I say they have become some superstars within the community,” said Dr. Kane Reeves.

Tekia Denwiddie, Dallas's mother, saying it was difficult for the family to keep it a secret.

“It was really hard keeping the secret. I was trying to whisper it and tell all of my friends and my family and they too were very emotional. They were like that’s so sweet and awesome that they were going to do that.”

The day was filled with excitement and will always be a memory that Dallas and Serenity will cherish forever.

The Cooperative is committed to serving the community and plans to continue the project in the future.

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