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JACKSON, Tn.- A wife is left mourning after her husband was struck and killed by a driver in 2022. Omeca Williamson shares her story of when her husband was crossing the road on the 49-bypass going West while a car going South struck her husband going full speed.

“My husband, archie Williamson, was a pedestrian, and I was struck on the 45 bypass and airways on August 24, approximately around the time of 10:00 pm.”

Williamson shared that according to the police report the driver said that he did not see archie crossing.

“You are trained to avoid objects on the road. he stated that he tried to miss him, but that's a two lane on each side. he didn't try to miss him. he hit him full speed.”

Omeca is hoping that the city of Jackson adds a cross walk to that area of the bypass to avoid future tragedies.

“It's a very high traffic area. they have people that walk across there a lot. they have have bikes across there a lot. people that be in power chairs that go across there. there's no pedestrian walkway in the area and it would be a good idea to put one there because it is a high traffic area and they don't have it.”

Omeca shared that she was not notified that husband had died until 3 days later. She believes there are a lot of discrepancies in the police report. She is now seeking justice for her husband after the driver was not charged. She is hoping that her story brings awareness to the desperate need of a crosswalk at the 49 bypasses. So far, no word if the city is planning any changes there.

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