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Davis Clothing: Made in Tennessee


Davis clothing is no stranger to Lexington Tennessee. David Small is the third-generation owner of the store.

His grandfather opened the store in the middle of the great depression.

“it was called davis dry goods, in those days dry goods was everything that wasn’t groceries and hardware, so he sold a little bit of everything…it was mainly things for making their own clothing. So, materials, buttons, zippers, you know everything that you would need to make your own clothing,” says Small.

The store has seen many changes in the last eighty-plus years but one thing that has not changed is the family ownership,

“my grandfather owned the store and worked here from 1935 to 1975, at that time my mom and my dad took over and ran the store from 1975 to 2004 and that’s when i took over operations in 2004," says Small.

David Small grew up spending most of his time at the old store with his parents, so when he took over he already knew his way around. The store had grown to three doors downtown and that was when David realized that they needed more space. In 2016 the new building opened up With clothes for the whole family, Davis clothing offers outdoor clothes, work boots, shoes, a women's boutique and more.

David loves the connection that he has with the community, “getting to know people, relationships, relationships with your customers that you’ve had over the years. Generational relationships, ‘my grandfather shopped here’, ‘my grandmother shopped here’, ‘my parents always shopped here’, and that’s the best part for me is just knowing a lot of people and getting the generational aspect.”

David is excited to continue to serve and connect with the Lexington community

Davis clothing is open 9 am to 7 pm Monday through Saturday.

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