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Cyber Monday sales

Jackson, TN. (WNBJ)-

This past weekend has been full of holiday sales. From black Friday to small business Saturday. Today is Cyber Monday and the holiday sales continue.

Black Friday shopping looked very different in many states the past two years due to covid restrictions. This year stores are opening their doors for larger crowds and customers are ready to shop. Lauren Stacey (shopper) stated, “even though I still wear a mask. I am out and about more this year.”

Those choosing to shop today for Cyber Monday are not worried about wearing a mask, many are concerned about shortages retail stores are facing a local shopper stated, “a lot of stuff is out of stock online and in stores.”

While speaking with Tamy Lewis the owner of Sassy Grace Southern Gents, she informed us their shelves are stocked and they are prepared for the rush. I asked Tamy, “How do these usually compare black Friday, small business Saturday to Cyber Monday.” To which she stated, “black Friday is always the busiest day, and then small business Saturday, the Cyber Monday. For us. I’m sure that companies who have a big online presence this is probably their biggest day.”

There is still time to catch some holiday sales at sassy grace southern gent. I asked the store owner, “What sales do you all have going on today?” and Tamy Lewis (Sassy Grace Southern Gent Owner) informed us, “%15 off online using the code: ‘CYBER MON’”

If you haven’t already it’s not too late to catch those Cyber Monday deals. Most stores don’t end their sale until 11:59 tonight.

Makayla Davis

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