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Crowded Animal Shelters


The covid-19 pandemic has created many problems in our country. The latest involves our furry friends.

As people go back to work in person after the lockdowns shelters have seen a huge influx of animals. Here in Lexington, it’s no exception. This time last year shelters were empty as people adopted animals at record rates.

Now that lockdowns have lifted and people return to their previous responsibilities, they are returning the pets that they adopted

“We have really been busy the last month or two…we are full at this time, I know a lot of shelters are full around this time,” says Brandy Dennison of Frances Halbrook Hensley Animal Shelter.

Sadly, this is not a new issue. Brandy says that around this time every year they have a lot of animals surrendered to the shelter, “right now, we are full because it's summertime, everybody’s out going and doing and that’s when we have a lot of intake around June and July.”

Brandy says that besides simply taking care of your animals another way to avoid filling up the shelters is to spay and neuter your pets. Currently, shelters all over the county and in West Tennessee are in serious need of adoptions.

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