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Covington is rallying together to clean up after Friday's tornado ripped through town



Part of Covington is a shell of its former self today after a tornado flattened homes, businesses and the Elementary school on Friday (03/31).

“The devastation is tremendous and it is nothing but a miracle from God himself that protected our citizens. That's it," said Covington Police Chief Donna Turner.

The storm did claim one life.

“The loss of life is the hardest to deal with. We can't rebuild it," Covington Mayor Jan Hensley said.

Right after the storm hit city employees got to work- opening a shelter at the sportsplex, “We started establishing the shelter because we have showers and that kind of thing. So we set up cots…we were able to provide food. We had water, we had drinks, snacks for the people," said Molly Glass Covington's Parks and Rec Director.

Today the road to recovery continues.

The community is coming together at Cobb Parr Park. Donations are being accepted, volunteers are being sent out and there's a command center to deal with all of the relief efforts.”

“Our community always goes out and helps always. And now we are reaping the benefit of us helping others because everybody is coming in to help us," said City Codes Director Lessie Fisher.

Those helping include volunteers, churches and organizations- including Life Support Ministries

“They have been to Louisiana. They've been all over. And now, you know, like Jeff (another volunteer) said earlier, they now they find themselves at home. So it's just a great work, people coming together," said volunteer Shelli Sewell.

Sewell and her family live in Covington but were not affected by the storm, “It feels good to help other people, especially when you've been spared because that tornadoes we caught the edge of it. I've been in my house and had no damage, so I felt very blessed about that," she said.

Hundreds of volunteers showed up today and over the weekend to help. Like Ben Dickey who is the coordinator of the volunteer effort, “To see everybody show up, to see everybody come together. It's just heartwarming, man….this is my hometown. I don't live here anymore. But I came from Memphis and there's no place I'd rather be.”

After all the help today there is still a lot of recovery work to be done, but the people in Covington are determined to rebuild.

“Our city and county are strong. I know some have lost so much that can't be replaced. But what we can replace, don't fear, We will get it done. And we will get it done together," said Mayor Hensley.

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