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COVID cases on a decline

Jackson, TN. (WNBJ)-

COVID numbers are on the decline. So, that means we can take off our masks and stop getting vaccinated right? No! Though COVID cases are leveling out, health officials are still encouraging residents to continue taking safety precautions. Amy garner (West TN Healthcare Communications Officer) informed us, “They should not let their guard down. The vaccination is wonderful, and we believe it is safe and effective we do believe it decreases the risk of symptoms and decreases the risk of being hospitalized.”

Yes, it decreases the risk of symptoms and hospitalizations, but this hub city resident is still taking precautions to ensure his safety. Joseph Sellers (Jackson Resident) stated, “I have put off getting my shot and I decided today to quite putting this off, because it’s still here and the numbers are still high.”

While cases are leveling out the damages this virus is brought to families nation-wide will never be forgotten. Penny Head (Jackson Resident) claims, “there’s a lot more death going on, there’s a lot more families being hurt. So, just be considerate of others.”

On September 24 it was reported that 51.5% of Madison County residents had been fully vaccinated. The increase in fully vaccinated residents and mask wearing in Madison County has caused Jackson Madison County General Hospital to see a decrease of hospitalized COVID patients in the past months.

Amy Garner (West TN Healthcare Communications Officer) informed 39 News, “today we have 60 active COVID patients where we had 188 on August the 26th.”

Makayla Davis

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