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COVID-19 in 2023: What You Need to Know

JACKSON, Tn.-Covid numbers are beginning to rise as we approach the winter months…

Cases and hospitalizations in Tennessee are trending upward as new variants begin to surface. According to the CDC the state has had a 30% increase in COVID- 19 cases since August. 39 News visited the Jackson Madison County Health Department to find out how Covid is affecting the area.

“So we're not in a surge, but I would maybe describe it more as an uptick. And so it's just a great time to be thinking about precautions that we can take. The good thing about where we are now is that we're at a really different place than where we were three years ago.” says Ginger Evans, Jackson Madison County Health Dept.

New variants of COVID-19 have emerged, and scientists are still investigating how the virus will affect people.

“The very newest strain that we've been hearing about is called BA.2.86, and it is very new. We have very limited data on that because the case numbers are very small. It's been reported in maybe four states here in the U.S. and then a few other countries around the world.” said Evans.

So, you may be wondering, what is the best way to protect yourself against new variants? The Madison County Health Department explains that a new vaccine is on its way.

“Since we were so close to this new vaccine, it's probably best for most people to wait for the new one. And you're going to have better protection from the strains that are currently circulating, the strains of the virus that are currently in circulation. And you're going to be able to maximize your protection through the winter months.”

As of right now, the health department suggests that people use good common-sense practices. Wash your hands, stay at home when you're sick, practice good hygiene, and test when you feel like you may have symptoms.

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