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Community reacts to Pfizer receiving full FDA approval

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - An update in the fight against COVID-19, the Food and Drug Administration granted full approval to the Pfizer vaccine this morning.

The FDA has given Pfizer's two-dose vaccine full approval for people ages 16 and up, making it the first COVID-19 vaccine to pass this final regulatory hurdle.

Full approval may help persuade some vaccine-hesitant people to get vaccinated.

Several people in Jackson are reacting to the news.

A Ripley native says she wants to get the vaccine but needs to consult with her physician first.

“I am actually going to talk to my doctor tomorrow because I am already at risk for blood clots and knowing that there is a small chance that there could be blood clots with the vaccine, I just want to be sure that I am safe,” said Amearro Smith, a Ripley native.

One resident of Jackson says he got the Pfizer vaccine and encourages everyone to get it.

“I think everyone should get vaccinated. I remember when the Polio vaccine was out when I was a little kid. All the kids got vaccinated and Polio went away,” said Kevin Andrews, a Jackson native.

Another Jackson native expressed her opinion on the vaccine issue.

“Everyone has to do what’s right for their family. I have been vaccinated, but just because I have, I am not pushing that on anyone else. That’s what’s great about living in America everyone has the right to choose,” said Heather Mclemore, a Jackson native.

A Huntington native was happy to hear the Pfizer vaccine received full approval from the FDA because she has an upcoming cruise to attend.

“I am excited. I just wish it would hurry up and go away. I have already been vaccinated so I am ready to go," said Diana Pritcherd, a Huntington native.

Pfizer's vaccine is one of three in use in the U.S. Moderna has also applied for full approval.

Johnson & Johnson has not yet applied for full approval and remains in use under emergency authorization.

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