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Community organizations host free COVID-19 drive thru test site in East Jackson

Lane college, Code Red Ministerial Alliance, and Church Alive partnered to offer free COVID-19 testing in Jackson today.

Church Alive is a health outreach nonprofit offering medical service to under served communities.

“We adjusted our business model to focus mainly on providing access to testing in areas where it may not be as easily accessible", says Church Alive Director of business development, Darcell Streeter.

Jackson residents and students from Lane College drove thru to be tested.

One Lane student says students need more resources like this.

“A lot of students don’t have health insurance, you know that’s very costly and it just keeps everybody safe, just giving this out. You know?", says student, Ryan Brown.

The non profit also gave out prescription cards to people who were tested. The card can help with up to 80 percent of prescription costs for card holders.

Streeter added, “It’s a financial cost savings because if you find that your either on prescription medication or as a result of what your results may be you have to get prescriptions to treat your symptoms then you have the opportunity to access up to 80 percent off.”

Officials say negative test results will be emailed and if a person has a positive test result they will be called. Imani Williams for 39 News, in Jackson.

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