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Community, local pastors hold prayer vigil for Shaw family

Clark Shaw, owner of Brooks Shaw Old Country Store, his wife, and daughter were diagnosed with coronavirus in early November after returning home from a trip.

After days of x-rays and doctors visits Clark was rushed to the Jackson Madison County General hospital after his oxygen levels dropped between 85 and 90.

“The family, the family is in need and we just wanted to be able to come. They have showed so much support to the city of Jackson the community in Madison county that we wanted to come and give back to show that this community loved them and is here to support them", says pastor of Jackson First Assembly, Garry Martin.

As Clark continues to fight his battle with COVID-19 other issues have begun to arise, recently it was announced that Clark suffered a mild stroke.

“Right now, we know Clark has had a stroke, but we don’t know the severity of the stroke at this time, because he is unconscious and sedated", says Martin.

Over 100 people from the community showed up to the prayer vigil to show their support for Clark and his family.

“And you never know, you just do not know, how it’s going to affect you until it starts affecting you last week Clark was waiving at us from a distance and he an Juanita were feeling fine, then the oxygen levels starting dropping a little", adds Martin.

The family will continue to update the community on Clark through the brooks Shaw Old Country Store page.

Imani Williams, for 39 News, in Jackson.

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