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ComeUnity Cafe: Made in TN


The ComeUnity café in jackson turns no one away, whether they can pay or not.

“We believe that everyone is intitled to a health meal regardless of their means to pay,” said Head Chef Austin Browm.

There are no set prices at the café, You donate what you believe to be a fair price for the food you get but they will not turn you away if you can’t pay.

Brown said, “Or people have the option to work for an hour and eat for free. Either way, everyone who walks in the door gets fed, though. And that's what i love the most about it. No one's getting turned down at the café”

Amy Crenshaw heard about restaurants across the county that were using the same model, and in 2013 she opened the ComeUnity café in Jackson.

The menu is different every day and is posted on social media, but one thing is always the same, they will have two soups, two salads and two sandwich options.

Austin Brown started in 2014 as the head chef he crafts the new menu everyday, “[It] Really inspire[s], like my creative juices to come up with new things and to go to the farmer's market and see what's fresh or what we're growing in our own garden that we have a block away and just throw all that together and try and come up with something new,” Brown said.

Brown shared that without the communities support they would never have been able to stay open so long, “The amount of support we've gotten from the community has been incredible. We've had some really good years up here, and we've had some scarier years. But every single time the community shows up in mass, whether that just be donating their time or donating food or breaking out that checkbook”

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