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College Athletes from west Tennessee gather at Dynamix Physical Therapy for an offseason workout


Staying in shape over the holidays can be difficult for anyone but imagine how tough it can be to stay on top of your game when you are a college athlete who is home for the holidays.

Now it’s the offseason for baseball and softball but that’s not stopping college athletes from all over the county from gathering here in west Tennessee to get some pitches in.

“It’s very important to catch in the off-season because it’s very easy to get rusty as a catcher, I mean anything in baseball it’s just important to get reps," said Ben Smith a sophomore catcher at Union University.

Instead of sitting at home eating Christmas cookies and watching tv these college

athletes from west Tennessee are staying in shape at Dynamix in Jackson.

Heath Ladd of Drynamix organized the event, "So they’re wanting to stay sharp, they’re wanting some work in and man they’re committed. They’re college athletes for a reason.”

Among those athletes, who are home for the holidays and getting some practice in at Dynamix, is Griffin Miller. A pitcher for the University of Oklahoma, who’s caught the eyes of scouts for Major League Baseball,

“This fall I’ve had like 15 meetings with different pro teams so there’s a lot of pressure there but I’m just looking forward to this season and getting through that and then whatever happens this summer happens,” Miller said.

All the players here have had physical therapy and or rehab at Dynamix in the past including Dalton McIntyre of Meridian Community College

“All summer here with Heath, he got my arm right. And being able to go to college and be able to get right back into it, it was a blessing," McIntyre said.

After he had to have Tommy John surgery Conner Creasy of Freed-Hardmen had to rehab,

“Dynamix, working with them I was able to get back like I said in seven months and by twelve months my V-lo had went up, you know from the previous two seasons and I’m currently throwing harder than that," said Creasy.

Creasy says he’s throwing better now than before he had rehab.

But it’s not only college baseball athletes here, Kayla Beaver plays softball at the University of Central Arkansas,

“I actually had my first real injury my sophomore year of high school so I’ve been going here since then and I’m now a junior so quite some time…softball pitching puts a lot of stress on your hips and lower back with the different angles you pitch at and different motions," Beaver said.

As soon as these athletes return to school after the holiday's practice begins for next season, and they hope that by staying in shape here at Dynamix, they’ll be raring to go in the new year.

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