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Code Red Emergency Messaging System in Henderson County

JACKSON,Tn.- The city of Lexington introduces its new emergency messaging system “Code Red”. This communication system allows important information about your city to come directly to your phone! Emergency Management Director Drew Cook gives some examples:

“When the national weather service issues a severe weather warning whether it be a severe thunderstorm warning, tornado warning or flash flood warning, those alerts automatically are pushed out to the people who are registered in our system.”

Code Red alerts aren't just limited to weather service announcements.

“Emergency general alerts for missing persons, (inaudible) water notices, if there was a road closure, if there was a hazardous material spill, evacuation notice, there's a lot of different things," explains Cook.

Cook emphasizes the importance of Code Red and why people in the community should register.

“It's a very simple way and quick way for us to get very important, time sensitive information out to the public and we encourage everyone to take advantage of it.”

It is completely free to register for Code Red! If you are interested, you can visit\ema or text hendersoncotn to the number 99411.

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