City-wide street resurfacing project resumes in Jackson

JACKSON, Tenn. (WNBJ) - Road crews restarted the city-wide street resurfacing project this morning. 39 News talked to city officials and they say about 75 streets are on the list to be repaired.

“Last fall we lead a contract. Delta contractors are doing the work. We had identified about 75 streets to be worked on. 3.1 million worth of bid items,” said Thomas Wolf, the city engineer with the city of Jackson.

The city of Jackson announced today their asphalt plant had reopened and they gave us an update on their progress on the street resurfacing project.

“They were able to get through about 60 percent of our contract last year. 35 or 30 streets left from the original contract and approximately another 40 to 45,” said Wolf.

The city engineer explains what causes damage to the streets.

“The purpose of the asphalt is to try to seal it up and keep water from getting down into the asphalt. What creates a pothole is cracks in the road, moisture gets in between the cracks. You get the cold, it pops and freezes,” said Wolf.

Road work began on Middle School Road in Jackson and one resident says she welcomes the improvements to the street.

“I was really concerned about when you come into our street where the drainage ditch area was, and they had covered it with concrete. Other than that, I am happy to see them working here. Any improvements are best for us.” said Gwallon Graham, a Jackson resident.

The road crew is expected to complete their work throughout the city by September of this year.

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