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City of Trenton set to host 41st Annual Teapot Festival

TRENTON, Tenn. (WNBJ) - The city of Trenton will be hosting its 41st Annual Teapot Festival starting this Sunday through April 30th.

The weeklong celebration will feature a 5k run/walk, pet parade, trivia night, community concerts, and much more.

The executive director of the Greater Gibson County Chamber of Commerce is excited about this year’s events.

“It is just a time for everybody in town to get out and be together and for Trenton to showcase itself and the teapots we are known for. It’s a good week in Trenton and we encourage everybody to come out and be a part of that,” said Libby Wickersham, the Executive Director of the Greater Gibson County Chamber of Commerce.

The city of Trenton hosted the Teapot Festival after the city was gifted a collection of antique teapots by Dr. Fredrick C. Freed.

Freed was a professor of gynecology at New York University and a native of Trenton.

He wanted the 500-piece collection of antique teapots displayed together so he decide to donate the teapots to Trenton.

In early 1981, John W. Melton, an administrator of the Gibson County General Hospital developed the idea of a Teapot Festival to draw attention to the rare collection of teapots.

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