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City of Trenton Celebrates Juneteenth

TRENTON, Tenn. - The Gibson County Memorial Library supports education, that’s why it hosted its first ever Juneteenth celebration to help educate the city of Trenton on the history and importance of the new holiday.

Children from all over the city came to the library for fun, food, and learning of freedom.

“I’m here to honor today L.C. Jordan, he was a graduate from Old Rosenwald, he graduated in 1947, the year before the schools burned down and were rebuilt, he left here and he fought in Korea… was decorated (received awards and recognition), came back and graduated from TSU, and after that he went out to California and worked in various levels of government.”

Community advocate Sam Doaks III wants to educate others about Trenton's very own L.C. Jordan.

Doaks believes Jordan’s legacy has paved the way for many African Americans in Trenton, and sees him as a role model for the following generations.

Doaks humbly praises Jordan, but he also has had involvement in the community.

This is the library’s first Juneteenth celebration, but this is Doaks’ fourth year engaging Trenton in Juneteenth festivities.

“It is a wonderful thing to see my former students step up and be the leaders that I know that they can be.”

Side Director of the Phelan Education Center Charlotte Doaks is Mr. Doaks former teacher.

He considers her not only his former teacher, but a mentor.

She continues to educate children by her leadership in the Phelan Center.

She taught for 33 years and has been retired 10 years, but continues her passion of educating children.

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