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City of Milan Shows Off Christmas Spirit with the Biggest Parade It's Had in Several Years

JACKSON, Tenn.- As the city of Milan grows, it believes in the importance of community.

Not only is Milan celebrating with a Christmas parade but also is celebrating with the lighting of their Christmas tree.

Santa Claus (Mayor Billy Warren Beasley) even stopped by to talk to community development specialist Allyson Harris.

“I think Santa Claus is coming in! Hi Santa! How are you today?

“Ho ho ho! I’m great, everyone should come to Milan tonight!”

The festivities begin with food vendors ready to serve the public with warm and good food.

After visiting the vendors, people gather at the tree to see how it lights up the area.

Shortly after, businesses, groups, and community members walk or drive down in the parade.

“This has been the biggest parade we have had in several years. I’ve been organizing this for about five years now and we have over seventy registrants this year and I’m super excited," says Harris.

“Everybody’s having a good time, eating a lot. And then we have our Christmas parade after that. Everyone’s out here celebrating Christmas, getting the season kicked off," shares alderman Jay Black.

As the city of Millan continues to grow, it hopes to keep its sense of community active for everyone.

The Christmas festivities are just one way the city intends to do this.

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