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City of Jackson Response to Memphis Police and Tyre Nichols Case


- The Jackson Police Chief, and the City’s Mayor have a very strong reaction to what happened in Memphis. They put out a statement that condemn the officers who beat Tyre Nichols:

“…it appears these officers betrayed their oath of office, dishonored the law enforcement profession and brought shame upon officers across this nation.”

“The inconceivable behavior of each officer involved has left everyone including our officers at the Jackson Police Department outraged.”

“It is the Jackson Police Department’s pledge that we will endeavor to be honest, fair, impartial, courteous, professional and responsive in the fulfillment of our duties to this community.”

39 News reached out to both the police chief and the mayor today to hear more about their strong statement. The police chief told us he was not able to be interviewed today and the mayor did not get back to us.

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