City of Jackson ramps up recycling plans, set to hire Recycling Coordinator

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - The city of Jackson is looking to ramp up recycling efforts to make the city more environmentally conscious and reduce pollution. City officials weigh in.

“You know we have a lot of constitutes a lot of citizens we serve that want to see recycling and we want to provide that service,” said Mayor Scott Conger, Jackson.

The city of Jackson currently does not have a recycling plan however, the city council approved a newly created position to oversee recycling efforts by the city.

That position will be called a Recycling Coordinator that will be paid a salary of 65,000 dollars. annually.

“So, this person is going to look at programs, how to do it. A timeline to get it implemented, what materials we can recycle and how to educate the public on that,” said Mayor Conger.

City Councilman Paul Taylor explains the need for the position.

“The market is limited on what you can and cannot recycle. We discovered that a couple of years ago where we found out the plastics were being diverted to the landfill, so we made some changes to be more genuine in what’s actually happening. So those are things we are looking at now, how do we communicate what’s actually happening to your waste and how we can improve upon that process,” said Paul Taylor, one of the city of Jackson councilmen.

The city of Jackson is now taking applications for the Recycling Coordinator position and the job is posted on their website.

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