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City of Jackson proposes improvements to city streets and walkways

JACKSON, Tenn. (WNBJ) - The hub city is looking to improve walking and bicycling conditions in the community.

The city of Jackson is in the process of updating the citywide vision for walkways and bikeways in the city and people in Jackson are voicing their opinions on the city’s efforts.

“I feel like it will be beneficial for Jackson because health is wealth,” said Casandra Moody, a Jackson resident.

One Jackson resident is happy to know the city is investing more in walkways and parks for community use.

“I’ll definitely utilize it. It will give me a way to see the city outside of being in a vehicle and as far as me just using the parks, I’ll be able to use the city to my advantage to be able to be out in the community,” said Moody.

Another hub city resident expressed concern about accidents between pedestrians and cars so she welcomes the idea of more bike trails and sidewalks.

“Just for the people that do not have vehicles, it will be much better for them as they are fixing the roads and adding those bicycle lanes and walkways just for people to be safe all over," said Avonna Barnes, a Jackson resident.

The city of Jackson has proposed sidewalks and sidepaths for North Parkway and a mid-block crossing to Pleasant Plains Extension.

The city has also proposed a protected bike lane to Russell Road and improvements to sidewalks on Harts Bridge Road.

The city of Jackson expects to be completed with all these improvements by late spring 2022.

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