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City of Jackson Kicks Off Super Bowl Weekend

JACKSON, Tenn. - The excitement among football fans here in Jackson is building up as the Super Bowl is only two days away.

As the Philadelphia Eagles take on the Kansas City Chiefs, fans are getting ready to support their team with parties from home.

“A few friends and I are going to get together and probably order from Big Burger on Airways and just have some hamburgers and hangout. And I’m going to be celebrating my hometown team, the Kansas City Chiefs.”

Alice Hardin is a native of Kansas City.

She’s thrilled to root for her hometown and for Jackson’s own Trey Smith who is a Kansas City Chiefs guard.

“I’m so excited that there’s a Jackson city link, I’m so excited and proud and happy. I always get so excited whenever I know people are rooting for my home team and they’re from Jackson.”

Like Hardin, Trey Smith’s former football coach, Mickey Marley, is excited to show his red and gold pride.

“There’s 32 NFL football teams, there are 32 right guards in the world… starting right guard, he’s one of the 32 greatest in the world at what he does… because he’s a star, at right guard he’s getting ready to play in the Super Bowl, the biggest game you could have on the planet Earth.”

We weren’t able to find any Eagles fans here in Jackson, but whether it’s Philadelphia or Kansas City that you’re rooting for, you can be sure there will be plenty of excitement right here in Jackson.

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