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City of Jackson hosts annual Mayor's Prayer Breakfast

JACKSON, Tenn. (WNBJ) - This morning the city of Jackson hosted its annual Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast on the International Day of Prayer. Several local pastors and political leaders prayed for unity, our education institution, and several other groups.

“That prayer is powerful, and prayer is necessary," said Eric Petty, the Lead Pastor at Skyline Church.

The Lead Pastor at Skyline Church talks about the power of prayer.

“Personal prayer is great, but when you get together with a community of followers, Christ-followers, there is power in that,” said Petty.

The city of Jackson's community relations liaison talks about the significance of the day.

“Today is international pray day all over the world,” said Gayle Tacker-Gilbert, the Community Relations Liaison with the City of Jackson.

The community relations liaison explains why the city celebrates this day of prayer.

We’ve celebrated national pray day since 2006 every year. It’s the first Thursday in May. It gives us an opportunity to bring all Christians, all believers together to celebrate and praise God and exalt his name,” said Tacker-Gilbert.

At the prayer breakfast, the pastors prayed for families, congregations, unity, businesses, education institutions, law enforcement, and local and national government.

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